KQL Series – why is it called Kusto Query Language?

I use KQL on an hourly basis….

But for a query language – why call it Kusto..?

Where is a funny tidbit of information:

You have probably heard something sounds like Kusto before…?
I know I had – when I was a young kid.


KQL is named after Jacques Cousteau. Even today, you can find evidence of this in the Azure Monitor Docs. If you go to the datatable operator page right now, you’ll still find a reference to him in an example that lists his date of birth, the date he entered the naval academy, when he published his first book entitled “The Silent World: A Story of Undersea Discovery and Adventure,” and the date when he passed.

So the puns about deep diving into data, exploring the depths of data to find and present information – basically we are going to be explorers in a sea of data…



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