Removing an App Service Plan in Azure

In my previous post I adhered to my O-OCD (Operational OCD) and standardised my App Service Plan name to fit in line with my Database, User and App Service naming standard.

Why do I standardise everything? Have a quick read here:

The 20 second rule (or why standards matter).

Here is what we have:


Now that I have standardised – I want to get rid of the historical (and nonsensical) named “CientPortalAppServicePlan” .

Now I could just click on it in the portal and hit “Delete”:


But where is the scripting fun in that?

Also I may one day need to do this for MANY App Service Plans, so let’s do this via PowerShell:

$resourcegroupname = “AzureDEMO_RG”
$location = “Australia East”
$AppServicePlanName = “CientPortalAppServicePlan”


-Name $AppServicePlanName

-ResourceGroupName $resourcegroupname


Click “Yes” to the pop-up and it is now gone and I can (now) relax.

Which means that I have a couple of Azure App Services and Azure SQL Databases — and they all have standardised names — which NOW means I can do some awesome Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment stuff.



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