KQL Series – create a database in our ADX cluster

In the previous blog post we created an Azure Data Explorer (ADX) cluster.

In this blog post we will create a database that we will ingest data into, as part of this process:

  1. On the Overview tab, select Create database.
  2. Fill out the form with the following information.
SettingSuggested valueField description
AdminDefault selectedThe admin field is disabled. New admins can be added after database creation.
Database nameTestDatabaseThe name of database to create. The name must be unique within the cluster.
Retention period365The number of days that data is guaranteed to be kept available for querying. The period is measured from the time data is ingested.
Cache period31The number of days to keep frequently queried data available in SSD storage or RAM to optimize querying
  1. Select Create to create the database. Creation typically takes less than a minute. When the process is complete, you’re back on the cluster Overview tab.
  2. Now that we’ve created the cluster and database, we can run some basic queries and commands. The database doesn’t have data yet, but we can see how the tools work.
  3. Under our cluster, select Query. Paste the command .show databases into the query window, then select Run.
    The result set shows TestDatabase, the only database in the cluster.
  4. Paste the command .show tables into the query window and select Run.
    This command returns an empty result set because we don’t have any tables yet. We will add a table and ingest data in one of the next blog posts.

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