Open Letter to the PASS Membership,

When I was appointed to serve as a Director at Large for the PASS Organization a year ago, it was with great passion, excitement and enthusiasm. I had some great ideas about how I could help globalize, diversify and improve our wonderful community that I’ve been a member of since 2013.

The PASS Community has provided me with friends and the opportunity to connect, share and learn.  I wanted to serve our community but have realised sadly that I cannot. 

It is with a heavy heart that I am delivering this message today. On Monday 7th December 2020 (Pacific Time) I resigned from the PASS Board. 

I had considered resigning from the board back in July this year, but wanted to continue and try and serve our community by continuing on the board. I wanted to bring change – I campaigned on it when running for the board this year. Ultimately I could not bring the change that I feel we needed and so this is the reason I am stepping down. To let others bring what they feel our community needs.

I want to thank the community for the support they have given me. This was a very hard decision to make, but I’m a give it a 100% person and I tried.

#KiaKaha PASS


7 thoughts on “Open Letter to the PASS Membership,

  1. Thanks Hamish, for everything that you were able to do. I’m sorry for the things that you weren’t able to do. I know that you did everything that you could.


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