Blogging – goal achieved – 72 days early

So I started blogging in 2016:

So why blog….now?

It is very interesting going back and reading that first blog post.

It was mostly thanks to my late great mate Tom Roush (t | w) who 20 months later I still miss dearly….

Tom said to me that I should write stuff – to help others. He helped me become a way better person within the community – both SQL Server community and others.

This blog post is dedicated to a wonderful guy who cared and had a wonderful mischievous laugh.

Back in 2016 I wrote 2 blog posts – it was November 2016 so it wasn’t too bad.

Each year I wrote more and Tom would give me constructive feedback on some of the topics etc.

I found that some of the blog posts that I thought were the simplest ones that no one would read were in fact the most popular:

SSRS won’t bind HTTPS to new certificate — “We are unable to create the certificate binding”

Changing TFS to use HTTPS? — update your agent settings too….

Changing TFS to use HTTPS? — update your agent settings too….

I get the occasional email/comment from people thanking me for writing the three posts above – yet I really only wrote them to remind myself when I had to do them!!

Anyways – each year I gave myself a goal to achieve in terms of views – and subsequently failed.

2017 – 3,000 views  X (2,913 – so close!!)

2018 – 15,000 views X (14,493 – agonisingly close…)

2019 – I decided that I would try for 20,000 views and I’m happy to say that on day 293 of the year I achieved it:

Blog Stats

I’m glad that I have continued blogging and writing posts that help people.

Just like my mate Tom told me I should….



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